Spring Return Cable Reels

Model: EFT Range

Small compact reel ideal for mobile appliances that require a power source

EFT Reel

A range of impact resistant plastic reels in three sizes, designed to be fitted as an integral unit into equipment, such as industrial catering trolleys and x-ray equipment anywhere mobile equipment require a power source.

When not used integrally a terminal cover is available for the 160 and 265 versions. Fitted with PVC H05VV-F cable

Model: FT150

Small, lightweight reels suitable for small workshops, garages etc.

FT150 Cable Reel

Entry level retractable reel, fitted with 4 metres of oil resistant H05VV-F3 1.00mm cable for operating temperatures of +5°C to +60°C.

Suitable for use indoors, complete with universal support bracket for wall or ceiling mounting.

Model: FT260

Robust, small reel, ideal for industry, production bays, garages etc.

FT260 Cable Reel

Supplied with a variety of lengths, sizes and types of cable, with an operating temperature range of +5°C to +60°C.
See specifications for full range.

One is fitted with 10 meters of 10mm sq. green/yellow earth cable and earth clamp and is designed for neutralising electrostatic charges the other is fitted with a 240/24 volt transformer and hand lamp for use where 240 volt equipment is either not allowed or would constitute a safety risk

Model: FT350

Robust Medium sized reels, ideal for industry, production bays, garages etc.

Marcaddy FT350 Cable Reel

Supplied with oil resistant rubber cable H07RN-F and mounting bracket for wall or ceiling fixing. Swivel bracket available to enable 350 degrees rotation for floor or ceiling application.

Also available is the FTE350.0115 version fitted with 15 metres of green/yellow earth cable with clip for earth bonding applications. The fused terminal block (where fitted) can be replaced with a standard terminal block, providing suitable protection is fitted, the maximum unwound load may then be increased to 16 amps.

Model: FT038

Thermoplastic reels for longer lengths of cable and use externally

FT038 Reel

The largest of the thermoplastic spring return reels. Available in 16, 25 and 40 amp versions. Suitable for use outdoors (IP44) and where longer lengths of cable are required.

All models come with mounting bracket for wall or vertical ceiling use, for non-vertical ceiling and floor mounting a swivel bracket is available to enable 350 degrees rotation. Fitted with rubber H07RN-F cable or available for supply and fit own cable

Model: FT046

Heavy duty version of the FT038 designed for use externally

FT046 Reel

Metal flanged slightly larger version of the FT038 designed for use outdoors (IP44) to provide power to loads that are constantly changing location such as cranes, lifts and conveyor belts.

Available in 16A, 25A and 40A versions. Supplied with oil resistant rubber H07RN-F cable with 85-degree wall swivel bracket. For 350 degrees ceiling swivel, and floor mounting, a swivel bracket will be required.

Model: Portable

Ideal for construction sites and similar applications

Marcaddy Portable Spring Return Reels

Supplied with 25 metres of 1.5mm sq. rubber H07RN-F3 cable. Available in 13 amp 240 volt, or 16 amp 110-volt versions.

Model: Hose

For use with air operated tools and equipment

EFT Reel

Manufactured from the same superior materials as the cable reels, these units come complete with hose, suitable for use with tools and equipment operated by compresses air.

Self-retracting hose reel, fitted with 6.5m of 6mm internal diameter polyurethane hose.
Complete with universal fixing bracket for wall, ceiling and floor mounting.
Corrosion-free brass shaft and universal coupling, fitted with ratchet on/off facility, with flat coil spring for up to 30,000 operating cycles. ST260 Data Sheet available as a print out pdf