ERIFLEX® Flexible

ERIFLEX FLEXIBAR flexible insulated Busbar is the preferred conductor for panel board designers and assemblers throughout the world.
ERIFLEX® Power Flexible

ERICO has a large range of power flexibles (close to 100 different sizes), including FLEXIBAR® insulated flexible Busbar, braided power shunts and presswelded power shunts.


ERIFLEX® Copper Busbars

ERICO offers a wide range of Copper, Threaded, Punched and Plain Busbars.


ERIFLEX® Distribution Blocks

ERICO offers a wide range of halogen free, four pole distribution blocks, single pole blocks and supports.


ERIFLEX® Distribution Blocks

ERICO offers range of single pole distribution blocks.

ERIFLEX® Low voltage insulators

Low-cost stand-of insulators isolate electrical conductors (eg. ground bars) from their mechanical mounting preventing short circuits.


ERIFLEX® Copper and Stainless Steel Braids

ERICO offers a wide range of braids made of electrolytic copper or stainless steel for all your earthing applications and power connections.


ERIFLEX® Grounding Braids

Grounding Braids from ERICO consists of tinned, electrolytic, and woven copper wire.


ERIFLEX® Compact Adjustable Busbar Support (CABS)

An innovative and competitive system of busbar supports, the Compact Adjustable Busbar Support (CABS) has parts but more configurations.
ERIFLEX® Cable Sleeves

ERICO offers a compact range of ERIFLEX polyamide, SBS, FGBS cable sleeves.

ERIFLEX® Accessories, Support, Clamps

ERICO provides a number of different supports, spacer clamps and connecting clamps for Eriflex Flexibars and Busbars.



ERICO’s latest offering is ERILINK – a busduct you can build yourself.