Power Glide

Electric Trolley System with Retractable Wheels for Workstation Cranes

PowerGlide is a patented conductor bar system with retractable wheels that allows you to insert or remove the trolley anywhere along the conductor run. No more trap doors at the end of the electrical conductor run, or bending the bottom of the box track and forcing the trolley out. Just retract the trolley wheels for easy removal and inspection!

PowerGlide allows for easy shoe maintenance. PowerGlide comes with 4 electrical conductors pre-assembled in a one-piece PVC insulator which means no joints to cause arcing and damage to the electrical conductors.

The 90 amp rating means that PowerGlide will fit most cranes, hoists and monorails while still keeping a compact, lightweight design for easy installation. The aluminum housing and optional closure strip help to keep dirt and grime from any environment out of the power path.


  • Trolley with retractable wheels that mounts and dismounts anywhere – no tools required
  • Continuous, joint-free conductors, supplied on a roll
  • A single-piece insulator containing four conductors
  • Solid copper conductors
  • Super-compact and lightweight
  • Fast and easy to install
  • Light weight aluminum housing available with closure strips
  • 90 amp size meets most crane needs and is right-sized for hoists, monorails, and small cranes


Hangar doors

American Airlines

American Airlines made the decision to depend on a 1,100 foot long PowerGlide system to supply power to its large hangar doors that house its aircrafts.

Before the introduction of PowerGlide, airline hangar doors were predominantly run with festoon systems. However, the everyday wear and tear on this type of system caused a lot of maintenance issues and negatively affected its reliability. Before PowerGlide, American Airlines had previously been ahead of the game by using another brand of conductor bar. But, they were experiencing maintenance and power disconnection issues- or issues that are common with jointed bar systems.

PowerGlide’s lightweight and jointless, low maintenance design makes it the perfect fit for hangar doors. American Airlines, along with many other airlines including United, US Airways, and the structure that houses Air Force One chose PowerGlide to power its hangar doors because it’s easy to install, has no joints – meaning less maintenance – and also can come with a protective rubber housing.

Overhead crane


Raytheon in Dallas, Texas chose to replace its current power system with PowerGlide in the early 2000s.

When it came time to review an existing electric conductor bar, Raytheon chose to explore its options, and ultimately replace it with PowerGlide. At this time, the bar was being used to power a Gorbel crane system. Raytheon liked the way PowerGlide looked, and how sleek the design was; making it ideal for a layout with low head room. The system has been up for over a decade with zero problems, and a continuous stream of additional system orders have come in.