Span Guard

The Indoor/Outdoor Industrial Power Supply System for Cranes and Stationary Equipment

US Safety trolley Span-Guard was the first continuous, joint-free electric conductor bar introduced. Span-Guard is uniquely designed with no electric joints in the solid copper conductor. And the flexible fully-enclosed insulated cover provides the most reliable, highest quality conductor system on the market. This joint less conductor is ideal for cranes, hoists, and moving equipment where problems and downtime cannot be tolerated.

Superior design means fewer parts to repair or replace, and minimal maintenance. The solid copper conductors and cover ship pre assembled on a reel and come in 250 and 520 amp sizes. The spring loaded collectors come in 100, 200, 300 and 400 amp sizes. Stainless steel is optional.

Capable of running joint-free at lengths up to 2,000 feet, Span-Guard eliminates the power loss and overheating associated with the unreliable electrical joints of other heavy industrial power systems.

Quick Facts

Ampacity: 250 & 520 amps
Environment: Indoor & Outdoor
Perfect for: Industrial/Manufacturing environments, lock & dam installations, crane electrification, steel mills, paper mills.
Special features: Joint-free with a self-sealing vinyl cover for extra protection.

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