Tight Wire

Changing the Way You Think of Mobile Electrification

TightWire is a continuous joint-free electrical conductor system that ships on a roll. TightWire uses a single piece insulator containing 4 solid copper conductors. TightWire is compact and light weight which makes it fast and easy to install. Spring tension is applied from the end assemblies which keep the system strong and straight and only requires 10 feet spacing between hangers. Fewer supports translate into quicker installation time. No expansion joints required.

TightWire’s conductors are pre assembled in a one-piece PVC insulator which means no joints to cause arcing and electrical damage. The 90 amp size can be used for most crane needs.

TightWire eliminates the most common problems with jointed systems:

  • Number of hangers and mounting brackets cut in half
  • Joints every ten feet, with pins, clamps or splices
  • Figure 8 shaped carbon steel conductors
  • Bulky space requirements
  • Three or four separate bars to install
  • Oversized conductors for hoists and monorails

Fast, Easy Installation Means More Profits

The key to TightWire is an increase in labor savings. Typically, a large amount of installation time is used to weld the mounting brackets to the building. TightWire’s unique design allows hanger spacing of 10 feet, instead of the usual 5 feet, by tensioning the system from each end, using heavy springs. Thus, the “tightwire” name. The time and cost of installing mounting brackets and hangers is cut in half. In addition, TightWire speeds up installation with its one-piece design. All conductors are pre assembled in a one-piece extruded insulator. This assembly is supplied on a roll with no joints, to the exact total length needed for each project. 10-foot single bars, joint pins, screws, covers, downtime and maintenance problems are eliminated.


  • Continuous, joint-free conductors, shipped on a roll
  • A single-piece insulator containing four conductors
  • Solid copper conductors
  • Super-compact and lightweight
  • Fast and easy to install
  • 10 feet spacing between hangers reduces number of supports
  • 90 amp size meets most crane needs


Light Duty Crane


Gorbel, a provider of overhead handling solutions and cranes, made the decision to use TightWire in the production of their work station cranes.

The TightWire trolley product was specifically designed to be used with light duty cranes and work station cranes. This means it was built to be light, compact, and accessible at a low price point. Gorbel decided TightWire would be the perfect solution to include in the production of each of their work station cranes.



Priefert, one of the largest farm, ranch and rodeo equipment manufacturers in the world, chose to use TightWire and Tri-Bar/Four-Bar in the early 2000s.

Priefert had previously been using a jointed conductor bar to power its robotic cranes, and was experiencing periodic connection issues with this system. After discovering that the U-S Safety Trolley line of products were all jointless, Priefert made the decision to replace its current conductor bar with Tri-Bar/Four-Bar, and side mount TightWire in the maintenance area of a new structure they were building. These two trolley systems have been up for the past decade, ensuring Priefert’s cranes have continuous access to power in order to build the essential equipment needed for today’s farms, ranches and rodeos.

Overhead Crane

Trinity Industries

Trinity Industries chose a 600 foot stretch of TightWire system to power its overhead cranes.

In the early 2000s Trinity Industries, a manufacturer of industrial products such as railcars, barges and storage containers, was in need of an electric conductor bar system to power its overhead cranes. Cranes are necessary pieces of equipment in order to lift the components needed to make these types of heavy duty products. Trinity Industries chose 600 feet of TightWire and hung it 25 feet in the air to supply continuous power to its equipment, and the solid copper conductor bar system has been hanging there ever since.

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