Tri Bar

A Low Maintenance and Hassle-Free Crane Electrification & Trolley System

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar continuous electrical conductor bar systems have been a long-time favorite among our customers. The joint-free construction, easy installation and maintenance, and custom fabrications make the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar the sensible choice in electric trolley bar systems.

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar solid copper conductors come in 100 and 125 amps with collectors in 35, 70, and 125 amps; and power pickups in 15, 30, 40 and 50 amps.

When U-S Safety Trolley set out to design an electric trolley system, we kept two things in mind. First – most problems with mobile electrification arise at the conductor joints. Second – on trolley systems those problems, and even extended routine maintenance, create downtime and a loss of profit. We eliminated the conductor joints, simplified installation and created the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar electric trolley product lines. On our Tri-Bar/ Four-Bar trolley systems, installation and maintenance are simple and straightforward, and the continuous copper conductor reduces hang-ups and derailments.

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar are perfect for:

  • Crane electrification
  • Assembly lines
  • Cutting tables and sewing lines in the garment industry
  • Hanger doors
  • Monorails

Tri-Bar/Four-Bar provides a variety of electric power system design solutions for mobile electrification. The trolley systems can extend for hundreds of feet using continuous copper conductors, which are the ideal medium for communication and control signals for cranes and hoists. Our Tri-Bar/Four-Bar trolley systems can be factory shaped to your specifications into loops, ovals, circles, and multi-curved monorail tracks, and modified with switches and disengagable trolleys. These custom systems are shipped for easy assembly and installations.

Joint-Free Design

The feature of continuous, joint-free, electrical conductors for the entire length of the run eliminates the weakest part of any electrical system — the joints. One-piece copper conductors are cut to each job requirement and shipped in a coil; providing a highly reliable, maintenance-free application.


Tri-Bar/Four-Bar is the solution to these problems:

  • Downtime due to arcing
  • Loose joints
  • Pitted steel bars
  • Expansion
  • Misalignment
  • Curves, oval systems, 360 degree circles, and unique applications are our specialty


Amusement Park

Epcot at Walt Disney World

Epcot at Walt Disney World chose Tri-Bar/Four-Bar to power its iconic Spaceship Earth ride in the early 1980s, and it is still installed there today.

In addition to reliability and simple installation and maintenance, the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar electric conductor bar system has one giant advantage: it’s bendable. Before Disney even committed to using the system in Epcot, they installed a test system in the parking lot and ran cars around it thousands of times. After a flawless test period, Tri-Bar/Four-Bar was installed and has been powering Spaceship Earth ever since.

2012 marked the first time in three decades that the conductor bar system needed very minimal part updates. This proves Tri-Bar/Four-Bar is extremely durable and reliable- making it the perfect electric solution for amusement park rides. Our continuous joint-free electrical conductor bar system ensures Spaceship Earth will not go down; meaning park visitors remain both happy and safe.


Harley-Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas

In the 1990s the Harley-Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas chose Tri-Bar/Four-Bar to run its unique display of motorcycles traveling throughout the building.

If you’ve ever been to the Harley-Davidson Cafe in Las Vegas then you’ve taken in the impressive sight of motorcycles being carried via conveyer belt around the restaurant. However, what most people do not realize is that it’s our Tri-Bar/Four-Bar system, equipped with a continuous copper conductor bar that powers the bikes along their journey.

The Tri-Bar/Four-Bar system was capable of making the twists and turns the restaurant was looking for, in addition to being durable enough to run safely 24/7. This electrical system has been running in the Harley-Davidson Cafe since the 1990s with zero issues.

Factory Assembly


Whirlpool, along with so many others in the home appliance industry, chose the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar electric conductor system to supply power to its factory assembly lines.

The process of creating home appliances involves an extensive assembly line and a great deal of testing. However, in order to effectively complete the burn-in and hipot testing of appliances-such as refrigerators or microwaves- it’s necessary to supply power to these devices while they are on the conveyer belt traveling down the assembly line. It’s also essential that the power doesn’t go down, because downtime equals a delay in production and a decrease in profits.

Whirlpool chose the Tri-Bar/Four-Bar system due to its proven reliability and ability to bend and conform to fit factory-specific requirements.

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