Santek Inc distributes Teaflex’s flexible conduits, Zinc plated pipes, bottom fittings and other accessories for the protection of Electric cables.  An electrical conduit is a tubing system used for protection and routing of electrical wiring. Electrical conduit may be made of metal, plastic, fiber, or fired clay. Flexible conduit is available for special purposes.

Teaflex S.p.A. operates from modern industrial premises which cover an area Of some 35.000 sq. meters, of which 10.000 are covered.
Teaflex products are suitable for use in an exceptionally wide range of areas, From civil and industrial plants, to robotics, electric and nuclear power Stations, machine tools etc.

The dynamic of the company and his capability to development are testified as the result of continuous effort to research and innovation of new items. The target has been reached thanks to productive expenses made during the

Santek and TEAFLEX work together to satisfy the request of the customers, Swiftness of delivery of the goods, is a strong behavior of TEAFLEX and it is appreciated besides its product even for its strong efficiency in service.
The Teaflex brand name is known and appreciated by a great many clients, most of whom have been trading with TEAFLEX for many years.

The presence of important international names amongst the clients of TEAFLEX is a further guarantee of the quality and reliability of the company. TEAFLEX deals principally with firms in Italy but it is constantly developing its presence
on the international market.