Pin insulator


Santek inc presents pin insulator which consists of a nonconducting material formed into a shape that will isolate a wire from a pin on telegraph, utility pole or other structure,

M/s Schmidt GmbH is an international company registered in Emsbüren (Germany, Federal State of Lower Saxony). We construct, design and manufacture technical plastic parts for the automobile, electrical and printing press industry. We not only offer our own products but also undertake contract manufacturing. By using semi as well as fully automatic presses and injection moulding machines we can process thermosetting material and thermoplastics as well as BMC. Our strength lies in regular innovations and customized service solutions. In addition to it we also offer a wide range of standard products Busbar support, Pin insulator for low voltage applications.

Bus bar supports suitable for copper and aluminum up to 4000A, and Low Voltage Insulators suitable for AC 1000V, and in different heights are available as standard product range. All products are manufactured as per International Standards and are certified by international Testing agencies. Strict procedural process in selection of raw materials, type test and manufacturing ensures qualitative result oriented products that are being today accepted by many end users across the globe. We are certified by international agencies like VDE for short circuit tests.

Santek Inc is proud to represent SCHMIDT GMBH in Bangalore for Thermoplastic Insulators.

SW = Across-flats dimensions
M = Screw thread (metric)  
F = Cantilever strenght  
Md = Torque  
Z = Tensile force  
D = Compressive force  
BWS = Operating AC voltage  
PWS = Test-alternating voltage  
G = Net weight  


Raw Material Properties


Glass fibre reinforced polyamide, flameproof and
heat stabilized. halogen and without phosphorous
temperature range -25 to +120°C.


Apparent density ISO 1183 g / ccm 1.45
Flammability (UL 94) ISO 1210 0.8 – 3.2 mm Stage V 2
Filament temperature IEC 60695 3 mm 960 °C
Spec. surface resistance IEC 60093 Ohm 1010
Dielectric strength IEC 60243-1 kV/mm 25
Tracking IEC 60112 CTI 550


The above mentioned values are subject to certain tolerances due to the production process and the primary products used. They are therefore average values, or non-specific standard values for which no guarantee claims can be made.